Virtual Adviser for Winning Moves by RF
Virtual Adviser for Winning Moves by RF
Virtual Adviser for Winning Moves by RF
Virtual Adviser for Winning Moves by RF

Project Requirements

Our client Winning Moves were looking to originally develop a business diagnostic tool that could measure a businesses capabilities in a set number of areas and then produce a professional report document that delivered advice and links to relevant resources and events.

Project History

RF and Winning Moves have now been working together for over 10 years and in that time the Virtual Adviser software has evolved to become a really powerful tool that makes up just one part of an entire software suite.

The white labelled system allows Winning Moves to set-up new branded versions for their own clients covering a wide variety of subjects. This in turn allows these clients to offer the system to their users to carry out diagnostics and receive relevant support.

Main project features

  • White labelled software tool with flexible system to allow customised branding
  • Admin level for clients to manage and export diagnostic data
  • Dynamically produced professional quality PDF reports
  • Fully responsive diagnostic system to work across all devices
  • Dynamic chart tools for displaying results

RF services delivered

Our View

"Virtual Adviser and the other software tools we have developed for Winning Moves over the past 10 years have really reflected how we as a business have grown and improved. Using the latest techniques to push the code and the software features has always kept it fresh".

Fred Le Doeuff, Techincal Director, RF Media

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