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QPredict by RF
QPredict by RF
QPredict by RF

Project Description

QPredict is the brainchild of Q2 Limited who amongst other things, are change management specialists. They wanted to develop a software tool that could model an organisation and demonstrate the impact of change. Whether that was in terms of the number of extra employees that were needed per task; the extra hours a business would need to operate to fulfil a rise in demand; or even the rise in the cost of stamps.

The system is now in it's 5th version and is still growing and developing. The latest release saw the introduction of an innovative set of data entry screens to make building a business model more intuitive.

Main project features

  • Advanced software structure and licencing system for models
  • Intuitive data entry screens
  • Integrated benchmarking system and reports
  • Dynamically produced professional quality PDF reports
  • Admin system to allow for client management

RF services delivered

Our View

"QPredict has without doubt provided us with some of the most complex coding challenges we have ever faced as a business and overcoming them and delivering a system that works so well has been immensely rewarding. We always say if only people could see what goes on under the surface with QPredict they'd be seriously impressed."

Fred Le Doeuff, Technical Director, RF Media

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