Cotswold Perfumery website
Cotswold Perfumery website
Cotswold Perfumery website
Cotswold Perfumery website

Project Requirements

The Cotswold Perfumery team approached RF Media with a long term strategy to redevelop their existing single website into a group of three separate sites. This approach would provide a more logical user experience with regards interacting with the separate parts of the business: Perfume making courses; Luxury holiday accommodation; An e-commerce store for the purchase of the perfumery products.

The current website was diluting the identity of each element of the business and it was felt that three new seperate sites, linked together under a brand family would strengthen the respective parts of the business.

Currently RF Media have developed two new websites. The first site,, showcased the luxury holiday accommodation. As part of the site development, RF also carried out a piece of consultancy work assessing existing holiday accommodation management tools to establish which would be most suitable to be integrated into the new site build. The second site, covers all the details and a booking facility for the perfume making courses run by the perfumery.

The next stage of the development will be to launch the new e-commerce store for the perfumery's own range of scents and related products.

Main project features

  • Consultancy reviewing holiday accommodation booking tools
  • Consultancy reviewing course booking tools
  • 2 x new brochure websites as part of a brand family
  • Content management system
  • Graphic design
  • Integration of 3rd party booking tools

RF services delivered

Our view

“The Cotswold Perfumery project provided a tricky approach to designing the new websites as we had to approach 2 (or 3) websites at the same time to ensure that the brand integrity was maintain across each, while all the time ensuring that the individual needs of each website were not compromised. We think we have really achieved a great foundation for the business to move forward online in the next few years."

Rick, Managing Director, RF

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