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What we do

Most people would probably call us Web Designers or Web Developers, but we are both these things and much more. With over 20 years experience in the industry it might be easier to tell you the things we don't know about. From security to social media, back-ups to Bootstrap, marketing to mailing lists and many more we listen, research, advise, build and deliver.

We specialise in responsive web application development with a pedigree in Benchmarking Tools, Diagnostic Software, Data Collection / Processing, and Bespoke Application Development. This is not to ignore our experience in E-commerce, Content Management Systems, Booking Systems and Competition websites.

To discover the types of business we work with and more specific skillsets we possess, then read on below.

Who we work with

We work with many different sizes of business from a wide variety of sectors. Over the years we have provided solutions for our customers that serve small audiences, up to those that experience traffic in the 1000's per hour. Whomever we work with, we strive to understand their business so that we can utilise web technologies in the best way possible for them.

As well as our direct clients, we also work with a number of nationally and internationally recognised design, brand and marketing agencies who use us as their web development team. We provide them and their clients with advice, support and web development services.

...And what do they say?

"Our team at Shepherd and Wedderburn has worked with RF for nearly four years. In that time they have always been able to get to the root cause of any website problem with amazing speed and to get it fixed without delay. As well as maintaining our main website, they built an additional site for our financial planning arm and we were delighted with the end product."

Isabel Gillies - Marketing & PR Manager
Shepherd and Wedderburn

"Fourteen19 have been working with RF as web development partner for a number of years. In that time they have helped to deliver innovative web-based solutions for several of our client projects. They are easy to work with and provide a great sounding board and knowledge base when it comes to all things web."

Graham Sykes - Managing Director

"We chose RF to design our new website and booking system as we were impressed with their proposed project plan right from the beginning. They're receptive to new suggestions, and, just as importantly, they’re very quick to respond when we need help. We’re really happy we made the decision to go with RF & are looking forward to working with them in the years to come."

Emily Shields - Finance and Bookings Officer

"RF are an outstanding web agency who have taken Grant Westfield’s digital footprint to the next level. Always keen to support and implement new ideas, Rick and Fred’s knowledge and passion have helped our Multipanel website more than double in the past 12 months from 15,000 monthly sessions to 35,000. I would have no hesitancy to recommend RF for all your website development needs."

Jonathan Bell - Marketing Manager
Grant Westfield

"We've worked with RF for several years and their approach has never waivered. Always methodical, measured and realistic, Rick really knows what he's talking about. They are just about the safest pair of digital hands we've ever dealt with."

Darren Evans - Design Director
The Engine Room

"RF created my new website - I was so pleased with the ideas and delighted with the final site."

Heather Baker - International PA / Administration consultant,
Baker Thompson Associates.

"I would have no hesitation recommending RF to others as I know they would operate with the same supreme technical capability and the upmost professionalism."

Katherine Travell - CEO

"RF have been involved in the design and management of 2 of my companies websites. A sophisticated e-commerce platform and an informative site about our companies services. They are extremely professional in all ways and, as a consequence, are very good value for the money."

Ben Greig, Entrepreneur

Just some of our awesome clients

Speak to the experts

We develop everything using PHP, JavaScript (& jQuery), HTML5, CSS3 and MySQL. We use and support a number of different frameworks and tools. Most of the bepoke applications we develop use our own propriartry platform FriendlyCMS (so named because of it's user friendliness).

We're natural born problem solvers.

For any project, RF adopt an agile approach but also understand when a more rigid project structure is required. At the heart of everything we do we put usability first and (boldly) class ourselves as UX Experts.

If you would like to find out more about our processes and how we can help you with your project then drop us a line and we'll be happy to tell you more.

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Looking for something specific?

We work with the following:

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Get in touch

We're always interested to hear about a new idea for a project; the support you need with your existing system; the development partner you are looking for; or anything else web related you want to pick our brains about.

+44 (0)1484 512 742

Unit 1, First Floor
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West Yorkshire

(Normal office hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 5.30pm)

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